(activation of course will be subjected to specific rules defined by the teacher, such as starting data and length of the course, minimum and maximum number of participants, classes time and compatibility with other courses, etc.)

Preparation and observation of biological specimen for electron and optical microscopy First 3 viviana.digiacomo@unich.it, susi.zara@unich.it
Computational Chemistry and Fundamentals of Computer Science First 6 loriano.storchi@unich.it
Food Chemistry First 3 salvatore.genovese@unich.it
Pharmacology and Toxicology Applied First 3 giustino.orlando@unich.it
Design and Development of Drugs First 3 mariangela.agamennone@unich.it
Applied Microbiology First 3 luigina.cellini@unich.it
Applied Pharmaceutical Botany Second 3 luigi.menghini@unich.it
Clinical Analytical Chemitry Second 3 marcello.locatelli@unich.it
Physiology Supplementary Second 3 stefania.fulle@unich.it
Endocrine Pharmacology Second 3 luigi.brunetti@unich.it
Genetic Molecular Second 3 valentina.gatta@unich.it
Games for the Mind Second 3 giuseppe.dibiase@unich.it
Pharmacy Marketing Second 6 luca.ianni@unich.it
Maths for Experimental Sciences Second 3 guglielmo.damico@unich.it
Neuropsycopharmacology Second 3 lrecinella@unich.i
Forensic Analytical Chemistry Second 3 giuseppe.carlucci@unich.it
Bioinorganic Chemistry Second 3 nazzareno.re@unich.it, cecilia.coletti@unich.it, alessandro.marrone@unich.it
Advanced course of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with laboratory Second 3 michele.ciulla@unich.it
Cosmetics Activity and Function Second 3 lrecinella@unich.it, paolo.amerio@unich.it